City actor stars in children’s cooking show on TVO

Avery Bilz didn’t receive any leniency from his teachers at Peterborough Collegiate and Vocational School (PCVS), despite landing a role on a new TVO show, “Taste Buds.”

“If I went to school without assignments done they would not be happy,” the 16-year-old said laughing.

“I was like, c’mon I’m at a dramatic school, but no one wanted to give me a break.”

He spent February and March in Toronto filming 13 episodes of the series.

Bilz was required to fit an entire day of school into just over one hour while he was on set in Toronto filming the cooking show for kids.

His cooking skills have improved since being on the show, he said in an interview.

“I always cooked at home with my parents, I knew how to cut the right way and experiment with meals,” he said.

Right before taping started Bilz and his two co-hosts took part in a daylong cooking class.

“Taste Buds invites kids to be part of the entire process of food preparation -shopping, cooking, eating and even cleaning up,” a media release from Holmes Creative Communications stated.

“Taste Buds” will stimulate kids aged seven to 10 by focusing each half hour on a theme such as foods that crunch, foods that fuel, even foods that smell.”

Bilz said the show is cutting edge and offers lots of ideas to young viewers on how to prepare meals on their own and with help from parents.

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