Top Talent: Anne-Marie Whithenshaw

marblemedia is pleased to be working with award-winning TV host, author and producer Anne-Marie Withenshaw on several yet-to-be-announced lifestyle projects for English and French-speaking markets.  A daily fixture on television and radio since 1998, Anne-Marie has hosted 10 seasons of hit food TV shows, co-produced 3 seasons of Chuck’s Day Off with celeb chef Chuck Hughes, written 5 best-selling restaurant guides and built a strong and loyal following across social media who follow her regular tips, tricks and recommendations.


Inspired by the novel by Edeet Ravel, Held is a tense, character-driven crime procedural that follows Primary Investigator, Stephanie Flemming, as she solves the kidnap and recovery of victims of abduction. This one-hour drama is a short order, repeating series with fragmented timelines, where one crime is solved over the course of the season.  Created and Written by Alison Lea Bingeman.  In developement.

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  • Category:  Scripted
  • Sub Category:  Serialized Drama
  • Status:  In development
  • Creative Talent:  Megan Follows, Alison Lea Bingeman


Alchemy, a new serialized drama created by award-winning producer and writer Karen Walton (Orphan Black), is a supernatural feast for the senses, wrapped in an unnerving and very human urban mystery that will leave contemporary genre fans revelling in spectacle, gasping at edge-of-your-seat action and begging for more.

In development with Showcase (Corus).


  • Category:  Scripted
  • Sub Category:  Serialized Drama
  • Status:  In development
  • Creative Talent: Karen Walton
  • Partners: Showcase (Corus)


Captain Cornelius’s Cartoon Lagoon

When Captain Cornelius Cartoon was a wee lad, he heard the legend of the Toontanic: a cargo ship that hit a reef and scattered a treasure trove of cartoons at the bottom of Cartoon Lagoon. Ever since, Captain Cornelius has been obsessed with finding these long lost toons.

Today, you can follow the crazy, underwater adventures and close quarters high-jinks of Captain Cornelius, Chief Engineer Axel McGee, Third Mate Wet Willie Jones and Franky Planky the hardwood Chef as they scour the depths of the ocean in their cartoon-retrieving submarine, the Manta Ray, digging up rare cartoon booty.

Captain Cornelius’s Cartoon Lagoon is a hilarious 26 x 22’ puppet/animation hybrid variety, featuring 4-5 animated shorts per episode, wrapped within a bigger comedic adventure story involving the captain and the crew.  It’s a wacky throw-back to the era of Saturday morning cartoons, filled with laughs, groans and cartoon treasure.


  • Category:  Kids & Family
  • Sub Category:  Live action puppet/ animation hybrid
  • Target Audience:  6-9
  • Status:  In Development
  • Episodes:  26 x 22
  • PartnersAtomic Cartoons, TELETOON

The Odyssey

A remake of the hit show from the 90’s in which thirteen-year old Jay Milner wakes to find himself in a mysterious forested world.  But not for long; other confused kids stumble out of the trees too.  Almost a dozen in total – none older than fourteen. All together in Downworld – with no idea how they got here or even where ‘here’ is.  But wherever it is, it’s pretty cool …  a mysterious forest, an awesome hideout, a swimming pond.  An adventure all their own – even if Jay and the others struggle to work together, trust each other, and not fall victim to Mr. Mask. Whoever that is.  And find a way home.


Adaptation by Simon Racioppa and Richard Elliott (Fangbone, My Babysitter’s a Vampire) with marblemedia and Omnifilm Entertainment.  In development.


  • Category:  Scripted
  • Sub Category Tag:  Episodic Drama
  • Status:  In development
  • Creative Talent: Simon Racioppa, Richard Elliott
  • Partners:  Omnifilm Entertainment