Just Like Mom and Dad Mobile

If left alone in an ice cream parlor, would your sister pig out on Rocky Road, Strawberry Cheesecake or Mint Chocolate Chip? If your dad won a million dollars would he take travel to outer space, go on a jungle safari or buy a new bathing suit and relax on a tropical island?

The Just Like Mom and Dad Game is a ‘game show in your pocket’ that allows family members to challenge each other in hilarious and highly personal ways.

Secure and made for players of all ages, the game awards Prize Wheel spins to families who interact and know each other well! It bridges distances between family members with fun, simple challenges and personalized avatars.

Each member of families playing the game will build their relationships by matching answers to challenge questions that test their knowledge of intimate and ridiculous family-friendly details of their lives. Playing, learning and laughing together have never been this easy or this much fun.

Extending the popular TV show this game:

  • Allows teams as big as your whole family (including uncles, aunts, nephews and grandparents) to play, challenge each other and win together!
  • Players build and edit their own in-game character!
  • Awards players who match answers with prize wheel spins!

Contains hundreds of questions!

Opie’s Home Interactive

In the online adventure Opie’s Home, preschoolers are invited to Opie’s house for a one-on-one playdate with their puppet friend! With Opie, visitors engage in a choose-your-own-adventure style narrative, travel through space, cook and poke around Opie’s own homemade computer. Preschoolers explore and play in a safe online environment that looks just like the one they recognize from the show.

Open Heart Interactive

TV’s Open Heart (Teen Nick, YTV) tells the story of Dylan Blake, a rebellious teenage daughter secretly investigating the mysterious disappearance of her father.  The Open Heart: Unlocked app gives fans the inside track on Dylan’s ongoing investigation and her personal life.  When viewers see Dylan take pictures, capture video, collect clues and receive messages on TV, the Open Heart: Unlocked app delivers them to their mobiles instantly, giving them an exclusive viewpoint of what’s really going on in the Open Heart world 24 hours, 7 days a week.  No TV story has ever been told quite like this before!

Beyond enhancing the story, Open Heart and Open Heart: Unlocked were supported by a social media strategy that used social media hangouts, live tweeting by cast members, and continuous content stream to Facebook and Instagram – including a behind the scenes video series called “The Doctor’s Office” where producer/director Stefan Brogen would recap episodes each week after the show.

Open Heart’s ground-breaking, integrated cross-platform experience harnessed the power of mobile technologies to create an immediate, intimate and rewarding next gen story.

Hi Opie! Interactive


Hi Opie! is a television and interactive property helping preschoolers prepare for their first classroom experiences, following along with Opie’s adventures as he navigates his way through the struggles and successes of going to school for the first time. The brand balances curriculum and relatable stories to create a unique and vital guide to this stage in a preschooler’s life.  

On TV, Opie interacts with live-action classmates and teachers. Online, Opie interacts with preschooler users as a friend and partner in play-learning and discovery.

Hi Opie! interaction digital media options include:


  • Exclusive website versions designed for partner broadcastersVirtual classroom and playground environments for preschoolers to explore & learn
  • Play-oriented games and activities, interactive play stories “The Scavenger Hunt” and “Opie Gets the Job Done”
  • Music, creativity and media literacy centres

Opie’s Playground

  • Mobile educational game app for preschoolers available for  iOS and Android devices

In addition to kindergarten preparedness, other lessons , emotional and developmental skills fostered in Hi Opie! digital products include:  Puzzle Solving, Discovery, Shape Recognition, Exploration, Imagination, Cognitive Development, Creativity, Science, Building, Collecting, Motor Skills Development, Responsibility,  Problem Solving, Making Friends, Self-Expression, Enjoying their world.


Driving Me Crazy Interactive

Get crazy behind the wheel in Driving Me Crazy, an awesome collection of fast-paced, driving-themed micro-game challenges. Figure  these crazy, speed-filled, driving micro-game challenges out fast to win and collect trunk loads of new games and power up rewards.

• Awesome micro-game collections
• Unlimited challenges
• Use your phone camera to bring you and your friends into the game
• Collect new games and power ups by earning coins and popping trunks
• 2 modes of play – Normal and Mega Challenge mode with bigger, more daring game challenges
• Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare and Legendary rewards
• Level up your game to improve rewards and change up your gameplay
• Difficulty scales based on your play style

Currently available in beta in the Canadian market App Store and Google Play.  Will rollout globally Spring 2017.

  • Category:  Interactive
  • Sub Category:  Action, casual games, mobile games
  • Driving Me Crazy Mobile Game:  (Canada only – global release Spring 2017) ; App Store , Google Play
  • Social Media Links: Facebook, Twitter , Instagram, Snapchat: DrivingMeCrzy
  • Partners: YTV



Skatoony is an animated/live-action comedy series that pits tweens and cartoons against each other in competition through frantic, trivia-based rounds — but only one will be named Skatoony Quiz Champ. Set in a fantastical television studio in the fictional town of Showtown, the series is anchored by the hilarious cartoon duo of host Chudd Chudders and his lounge-singing sidekick, The Earl. Each week, they attempt to put together another show, while all manner of mad happenings occur around them… but the show must go on!

Skatoony Interactive, produced by marblemedia Interactive, features the Skatoony Home Game, a multi-player game where kids play Skatoony in real-time against other kids online. In addition, the website features all the crazy Skatoony personalities, the Earl About Town mini-game where kids help protect the Earl on his way to the studio, the Skaraoke player to listen and sing along to catchySkatoony tunes, and bonus video content hosted by the Earl and Chudd.

Skatoony was produced in association with TELETOON in Canada (English/French). Based on a format from Cartoon Network (U.K.). Distribution and sales are handled by Distribution360.


  • Category:  Kids & Family
  • Sub Category:  Live action, animation, game show
  • Target Audience:  8-12
  • Episodes:  39 x 30 English, 39 x 30 French
  • Website: teletoon.com/fun/games/skatoony  (Multi-player online game optimized for localization with multi-lingual support, webisode videos)
  • Social Media Links: Facebook
  • Partners: TELETOON, Distribution360

Splatalot Interactive

Complementing the hit TV series Splatalot, marblemedia Interactive has produced a suite of websites, web-based games and mobile app games that have supported the series and helped broadcast partners (YTV, CBBC, ABC) provide audiences with additional ways to engage with the brand.

Splatalot games have had over 150 million game plays to date, and continue to generate up to 100k users per month online and in mobile game sessions.

Most recent additions to the Splatalot interactive family include Splatalot Dash, available now for iOS and Android devices on the App Store and Google Play, and Splatalot Attack, a new mobile game currently in production in the company’s Toronto studio.