Super Mighty Makers

Super Mighty Makers, a 26 x 11 / 13 x 22 min series where inspiring kids engage in acts of kindness, by crafting things with the help of a team of Super Mighty Makers heeding the call of kindness and D.I.Y. duty.

The Super Mighty Makers are a team of kid superheroes with special D.I.Y. powers that help friends spread kindness with perfect one-of-a-kind crafts in fun new maker missions in each episode. From making a new student in school feel welcome, to cheering up a friend with a broken leg or creating a care package for an elderly neighbour, kids are inspired to save the day with cool crafts, creativity and kindness.

Super Mighty Makers will launch in Fall 2018.

Category: Kids & Family
Sub Category: Live action

Just Like Mom and Dad

Just Like Mom and Dad, an exciting new remake of the 80s hit game show Just Like Mom. A highly popular part of Canadian TV pop culture nostalgia, the original Canadian series Just like Mom ran more than 600 episodes over five seasons from 1980 to 1985 on CTV, and many years later in syndication.

Shot before a live, energetic studio audience on a bright, dynamic set filled with flashy lights, giant moving video screens, and a bigger and more tempting prize wheel, each episode of Just Like Mom and Dad will feature three parent-kid pairs. The game starts with two interactive trivia based rounds where parents and kids will answer questions about each other. The third and final round will be an exciting bake-off in a new, state of the art kitchen coliseum. With new twists, surprise questions and a brand new hosts Kylee Evans and her husband Sandy Jobin-Bevans, Just Like Mom and Dad will be a new family time favourite. But don’t let the fun stop there check out for amazing recipes, videos and the BRAND NEW JUST LIKE MOM AND DAD APP! 


Tune in and watch Just Like Mom and Dad! 

Every Sunday in Canada on yesTV at 7 p.m. ET/5p.m MT and online at

Every Monday in the United States on BYUtv at 8p.m. ET/6p.m. MT and online at

  • Category:  Kids & Family 
  • Sub Category:  Live action, competition, game show

Driving Me Crazy

Driving Me Crazy is a fast-paced, fun-fuelled reality series that puts unlicensed teens and their parents behind the wheel of a car for the very first time. Hosted by professional race car driver Gary Klutt, teams are put through a series of challenges in larger-than-life course specifically designed to help turn these teens into ultimate drivers.

Cameras capture all the action, and reactions, as these teen-parent teams work together to master key driving skills, and for the teen to win the keys to the family car.

Produced by marblemedia in consultation with IWC Media Limited and Proper Television for YTV; based on a original format by IWC Media Limited, global rights to the series are shared by Distribution360 (North America, Latin America, and Australia) and Zodiak Kids (ROW).

Driving Me Crazy is currently airing in the United States on Universal Kids!

  • Category:  Tweens/Teens
  • Sub Category:  Live action
  • Target Audience:  8-16
  • Status:  Completed
  • Episodes: 20 x 22
  • Mobile Title: Driving Me Crazy (Mobile Game App for iOS and Android devices)
  • Social Media Links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat: DrivingMeCrzy
  • Partners: Universal Kids, YTV, Proper Television, Zodiak Kids

Opie’s Home

A delightful spin-off series to the hit preschool series Hi Opie!, Opie’s Home explores the fun of family life from a preschool point of view, following 4-year-old Opie as he plays, explores and discovers new things in and around his home.  Episodes feature Opie’s day-to-day Interactions at home reading and playing with his neighbours, as well as his family routine before and after school.

Giving preschoolers a look at Opie’s world beyond the classroom (Hi Opie!), in Opie’s Home, Opie brings home what he has learned in school and applies it in his home life, helping kids to be successful both inside and outside the classroom.  And have a lot of fun and laughs along the way.

Produced in association with The Jim Henson Company and TVO, other partners include Knowledge and CITY Saskatchewan.


  • Category:  Kids & Family
  • Sub Category:  Live action, puppet, preschool
  • Target Audience:  2-6
  • Partners: TVO, Knowledge Kids, City Saskatchewan, The Jim Henson Company
  • Interactive: Versionable Interactive Web Content – Online games available at


Skatoony is an animated/live-action comedy series that pits tweens and cartoons against each other in competition through frantic, trivia-based rounds — but only one will be named Skatoony Quiz Champ. Set in a fantastical television studio in the fictional town of Showtown, the series is anchored by the hilarious cartoon duo of host Chudd Chudders and his lounge-singing sidekick, The Earl. Each week, they attempt to put together another show, while all manner of mad happenings occur around them… but the show must go on!

Skatoony Interactive, produced by marblemedia Interactive, features the Skatoony Home Game, a multi-player game where kids play Skatoony in real-time against other kids online. In addition, the website features all the crazy Skatoony personalities, the Earl About Town mini-game where kids help protect the Earl on his way to the studio, the Skaraoke player to listen and sing along to catchySkatoony tunes, and bonus video content hosted by the Earl and Chudd.

Skatoony was produced in association with TELETOON in Canada (English/French). Based on a format from Cartoon Network (U.K.). Distribution and sales are handled by Distribution360.


  • Category:  Kids & Family
  • Sub Category:  Live action, animation, game show
  • Target Audience:  8-12
  • Episodes:  39 x 30 English, 39 x 30 French
  • Website:  (Multi-player online game optimized for localization with multi-lingual support, webisode videos)
  • Social Media Links: Facebook
  • Partners: TELETOON, Distribution360


Splatalot is a hilarious medieval-themed physical game show geared to the tween audience, featuring an extreme obstacle course with heaps and loads of splats and spills. Each episode features a different group of thrill-seeking teen contestants, dubbed Attackers, competing in three hilarious rounds: Cross the Moat, Escape the Stockade, and Capture the Crown. The Defenders of Splatalot, an international squad of medieval-themed gladiators, do their best to protect the castle from the Attackers – leaving only one to be crowned King or Queen of Splatalot.

The splat-stick comedy continues within an interactive online environment, where viewers can find out all about their favourite Defenders and Tour the Castle with a detailed look at each obstacle. In addition, a series of online Flash games allow players to take on the roles of both Attackers and Defenders, to run, jump, shoot, fire, splat, and of course, try to capture the Splatalot Crown. Viewers can also create shareable Highlight Reels with the Highlight Shaker, mixing up their choices of the best splats, comments and Defender taunts from the television series.

Sample Splatalot Successes:

  • Season 1 premiered in Canada with over 300,000 viewers, and adult co-viewing numbers at 49%.
  • Season 2 aired in primetime and ranked in the Top 5 for Women 18-49 co-viewing with Kids 2-11.
  • Splatalot games have had over 150 million game plays to date, and continue to generate up to 100k users per month online and in mobile game sessions.

The series airs in over 120 countries worldwide including YTV in Canada (English), TELETOON in Canada (French), the CBBC in the U.K., ABC3 in Australia and on Nickelodeon U.S., Disney and Disney XD. Distribution and sales handled by Distribution360.

Dubbed in 9 languages, localized versions of the series are available.

  • Category:  Kids & Family
  • Sub Category:  Live action, competition
  • Target Audience:  8-12
  • Episodes:  52 x 22
  • Website:
  • Mobile:  Splatalot Dash, Splatalot Attack (mobile game apps for iOS and Android devices)
  • Partners: YTV, Nickelodeon, CBBC, ABC3
  • Interactive: 10 Flash Games (including a multi-player competition game), Virtual Tour of the Castle, the Highlight Shaker, and Video Bios. Format Available.

This is Scarlett and Isaiah

Welcome to the third installment of the hit preschool series This is.

Adorable, inquisitive and intelligent, This is Scarlett and Isaiah is a live-action preschool series that follows the world of two bubbly six year-olds. With a goal to empower kids to fearlessly explore the world, each six-minute episode follows either Scarlett or Isaiah as they try new things for the very first time.

Nothing inspires preschoolers more than seeing someone just like them doing something they might like to try – like blowing bubbles, putting on a magic show, playing beach volleyball, picking apples or even building an igloo.

Over the course of the season, viewers will get to know Scarlett and Isaiah as friends – learn their likes, dislikes, dreams and fears. More often than not, they mirror our audience’s feelings and experiences.

Co-produced by marblemedia and Sinking Ship Entertainment. Distribution and sales handled by Distribution360, a marblemedia company.

  • Category:  Kids & Family
  • Sub Category Tag:  Live action, preschool
  • Target Audience:  2-6
  • Episodes: 65 x 6
  • Website:
  • Partners: Treehouse, Sinking Ship Entertainment, Distribution360
  • Interactive: Versionable Rich Interactive Content – Web Games and Videos

This is Daniel Cook

Inquisitive, intelligent and adventurous, This is Daniel Cook is more than just a live-action preschool TV series, it’s an educational adventure where children join six-year-old host Daniel Cook on all of his exciting adventures, whether he is learning with Olympic gold medalists and zookeepers, or creating with award-winning musicians. Preschoolers learn, create and explore with Daniel—a preschooler himself—who shares their interests, language and curiosity.

This is Daniel Cook Online is a colourful interactive environment that allows children to engage with Daniel in his world. This award-winning site provides preschoolers with a choice of activities and experiences that allow them to develop important educational skills. Children learn, create and explore firsthand as they join an animated Daniel in his playroom or his backyard for a fun-filled adventure.

Co-produced by marblemedia and Sinking Ship Entertainment. Distribution and sales handled by Distribution360.

  • Category:  Kids & Family
  • Sub Category Tag:  Live action
  • Target Audience:  2-6
  • Status:  Completed
  • Episodes: 131 x 6, 65 x 6
  • Website: (Versionable interactive web content, Online games)
  • Partners: Treehouse, Sinking Ship Entertainment, Disney Jr, Distribution360

This is Emily Yeung

See her laugh, learn, share and smile—This is Emily Yeung, and welcome to her world. This sunny six-year-old is host to a whole universe of discovery and adventures that capture the imaginations of preschoolers with every spirited installment. Viewers tag along with Emily as she explores, learns and creates with everyone from painters and musicians to politicians and rocket scientists.

This is Emily Yeung Online is as colourful and engaging as it is interactive and educational, with activities that encourage children to develop important skills and play in virtual environments such as a playroom and a backyard. The interactive games allow users to build sandcastles, play hide and seek, listen to and create music with a real scale, ride on a scooter, and much more. This is Emily Yeung Online not only entertains and engages children’s senses, but also encourages them to actively learn.

Co-produced by marblemedia and Sinking Ship Entertainment. Distribution and sales handled by Distribution360.


  • Category:  Kids & Family
  • Sub Category Tag:  Live action, preschool
  • Target Audience:  2-6
  • Status:  Completed
  • Episodes: 65 x 6, plus 2 x 30 specials
  • Website: (Versionable interactive web content, Online games)
  • Partners: Treehouse, Sinking Ship Entertainment, Disney Jr, Distribution360


Taste Buds is an educational, live action food adventure series for kids that encourages them to think about what they eat and explore new foods from the world around them. Viewers learn and laugh as the Taste Buds hosts cook up kid-tailored recipes and go on fun food adventures. Each episode explores a new food theme, and culminates with the Taste Buds hosts using everything they’ve learned to create recipes that kids and parents will want to make together.

The Gemini Award-winning continues the educational food adventures online, complete with “how to” cooking methods, delectable recipes, and educational games. The website uses an interactive video player to stream exclusive behind-the-scenes footage as well as Interactive Episodes, which are full-length broadcast episodes with additional “pop-up” informative text.

Taste Buds premiered on TVO, Knowledge Network, Access and SCN in Canada. The series also airs in the U.S. on Qubo. Distribution and sales handled by Entertainment One.


  • Category:  Kids & Family
  • Sub Category Tag:  Live action
  • Target Audience:  7-10
  • Episodes:  32 x 30
  • Website: (Versionable interactive games and content, Flash-based media player with bonus video content)
  • Social Media Links: Facebook
  • Partners: TVO Kids, Knowledge,  Access,  SCN, Entertainment One