Open Heart

Open Heart is a gripping mystery series, folded into a sprawling family saga, set against the high-stakes workplace and relationship drama of a hospital.

In the wake of her father’s disappearance, 16-year-old Dylan Blake falls in with the wrong crowd, gets arrested, and earns court-ordered community service volunteering at Open Heart Memorial, the hospital where her mother and sister are doctors, where her grandparents are board members and benefactors… and where her father was last seen the day he vanished.

Open Heart is executive produced by Linda Schuyler and Stephen Stohn, Ramona Barckert, Matt Hornburg and Mark Bishop, produced by Epitome Pictures and developed  in association with marblemedia, which also took the lead in producing a fully integrated interactive digital component to the series. Directors are Stefan Brogren and Samir Rahem. Writers include Ramona Barckert, Chris Pozzebon, Scott Oleszkowicz, Brendan Gall, Brendon Yorke and Barbara Haynes. Production Executives for Corus Entertainment – Jamie Piekarz and Chris Bell and for TeenNick, Kim Powers.

  • Category:  Kids & Family, Interactive
  • Sub Category:  Live action, drama, mobile content
  • Target Audience: Teens
  • Episodes: 12 x 22  
  • Starring: Karis Cameron, Justin Kelly, Cristine Prosperi, Tori Anderson, Dylan Everett
  • Mobile App:  Open Heart: Unlocked  (companion app & second screen experience for iOS and Android devices; Follow Dylan Blake’s investigation into her father’s disappearance by unlocking her phone. Get content before, during and after the show to help her piece together the mystery!)
  • Social Media Links:  Facebook; Twitter
  • Partners:  YTV, TeenNick, Epitome Pictures, DHX Media

Ride or Wrong


Hosted by Emily Agard, Ride or Wrong is an adrenaline-filled series that gets your pulse pounding as teen contestants answer trivia questions while riding extreme amusement park rides.

Each episode centres on one unsuspecting teen contestant who has no idea that they are about to be on a quiz show.  Once the contestants are securely strapped in and the ride is twisting and turning at extreme speeds, our host poses a variety of trivia questions ranging from pop culture to science. Every correct answer earns our contestants points, which are added up at the end of each ride. Contestants must rely on their intelligence as well as their ability to focus under extreme conditions as they experience some of fastest and tallest rides the amusement park has to offer.


  • Category:  Kids & Family
  • Sub Category:  Live action
  • Target Audience:  8-12
  • Episodes:  42 x 3
  • Starring: Emily Agard
  • PartnersKids’ CBC

Hi Opie!

Hi Opie! is a live-action preschool series that follows the social, emotional and intellectual escapades of 5 year old Opie, a new kid in kindergarten and your new puppet friend. Opie and his real kid classmates are in their first year of all-day kindergarten – uncertain just what to expect. With each new day, Opie learns more about himself, his friends and his two teachers.

Each story marks a new chapter in Opie’s personal growth as he participates in, struggles with and inevitably succeeds in kindergarten activities. With a clear and attainable goal, it is the process of learning through play – having fun, asking questions, experimenting with the consequences of one’s actions, persevering through adversity, imagining, and, of course, continuing to be curious – that leads to Opie’s personal growth.

Executive Producers Mark Bishop and Matt Hornburg, in association with The Jim Henson Company are working with creator and co-Executive Producer Barbara Slade (Angelina Ballerina and Rugrats), series’ Producer Larry Mirkin (Fraggle Rock) and Executive Story Editor Kate Barris (Max & Ruby, Captain Flamingo) to bring Hi Opie! to life.  This team worked in collaboration with broadcast partners TVO, City Saskatchewan and Knowledge Network as well as Producer/Director Lowell Dean of Lolofilm Productions Inc., Series Director Phil McCordic and Halle Stanford, who serves as the Executive Producer for The Jim Henson Company.


  • Category:  Kids & Family, Interactive
  • Sub Category Tag:  Live action, puppet
  • Target Audience:  2-6
  • Status:  Completed, Two Seasons
  • Episodes:  78 x 7
  • Website: (Web Games, Classroom Tour, Exclusive Video)
  • Mobile App:  Opie’s Playground (free mobile app/games for iOS and Android devices)
  • Social Media Links: Facebook; Twitter
  • PartnersTVO, City Saskatchewan, Knowledge Network, The Jim Henson Company

Captain Cornelius’s Cartoon Lagoon

When Captain Cornelius Cartoon was a wee lad, he heard the legend of the Toontanic: a cargo ship that hit a reef and scattered a treasure trove of cartoons at the bottom of Cartoon Lagoon. Ever since, Captain Cornelius has been obsessed with finding these long lost toons.

Today, you can follow the crazy, underwater adventures and close quarters high-jinks of Captain Cornelius, Chief Engineer Axel McGee, Third Mate Wet Willie Jones and Franky Planky the hardwood Chef as they scour the depths of the ocean in their cartoon-retrieving submarine, the Manta Ray, digging up rare cartoon booty.

Captain Cornelius’s Cartoon Lagoon is a hilarious 26 x 22’ puppet/animation hybrid variety, featuring 4-5 animated shorts per episode, wrapped within a bigger comedic adventure story involving the captain and the crew.  It’s a wacky throw-back to the era of Saturday morning cartoons, filled with laughs, groans and cartoon treasure.


  • Category:  Kids & Family
  • Sub Category:  Live action puppet/ animation hybrid
  • Target Audience:  6-9
  • Status:  In Development
  • Episodes:  26 x 22
  • PartnersAtomic Cartoons, TELETOON

Made Up

MADE UP is a half-hour hidden camera series where kids pull pranks on unsuspecting parents, guardians and relatives. In each episode, with the help of a professional makeup artist, one teenager undergoes a full special effects transformation into a totally new character. Once they’ve been made up, the kids go undercover and test their disguises on the general public – learning to walk the walk and talk the talk along the way.

After a quick lesson with an acting coach, they join the cast of pranksters and take part in outrageous and hilarious pranks that turn the tables on unsuspecting adults. Viewers are in on the joke the whole time, from the prank set up, to the make-up transformation, to the hilarious reveal that not only are these adults on a hidden camera show, but they’ve also been fooled by a kid who is totally MADE UP!

Hosted by Andy Chapman.

  • Category:  Kids & Family
  • Sub Category:  Live action
  • Status:  Completed
  • Episodes: 13 x 30
  • Starring: Andy Chapman
  • Partners:  Essential 11, YTV, Disney XD


Japanizi: Going, Going, Gong!

Japanizi: Going, Going, Gong!  is a comedic Japanese-styled family game show that delivers wildly entertaining physical humour and slapstick mayhem. Audiences experience the zany world of Japanese game show culture complete with conveyor belts, dizzy chairs, giant fans and Velcro walls.

Japanizi: Going, Going, Gong!  features three elimination rounds to present one final winner in each episode. Every half-hour features four teams of two contestants who are dropped into an unfamiliar Japanese world filled with crazy costumes, physical gags, over-the-top stunts and energetic characters such as host Yoshi, Judge Masa, Shinobi and four ninjas.

The series has been sold in over 120 countries worldwide including YTV in Canada (English), VRAK TV in Canada (French) and Disney XD worldwide. Distribution and sales handled by Distribution360, a marblemedia company.

Japanizi: Going, Going, Gong! made its world premiere on YTV (Canada) and on Disney XD (United States). It launched on VRAK TV (French Canada) in 2014 followed by Disney Channels in Europe, Middle East, Africa and parts of Asia Pacific, including Australia, India and South East Asian territories.


  • Category:  Kids & Family
  • Sub Category Tag:  Live action, competition, game show
  • Episodes:  40 x 30
  • Website: (Web Games, Web Series, GIFs)
  • Mobile Game Titles:  Japanizi Couch Ninja – Second Screen Mobile App; Japanizi Ninja Jump – Mobile Game
  • Social Media Links: FacebookTwitter
  • Partners:  YTV, VRAK TV, DisneyXD, Distribution360

The Adrenaline Project

In The Adrenaline Project, thrill-seeking teens train and compete head-to-head as they are pushed to their limits both physically and mentally for a shot at glory (and prizes!).  Cameras are rigged up in the most outrageous and precarious positions to catch all the gruelling action as contestants push themselves through boot camps and challenges that test the skill, strength, speed and endurance they’ll need to complete in the each episode’s adrenaline-filled mystery event.  

As they wakeboard, zipline, riversurf, white water kayak or even bungee jump their way to the champion title, with teeth clenched and cameras following them every step of the way, we see the fears, the frustrations and the anticipation of our contestants as they struggle to conquer a challenge unlike anything they’ve experienced before. is home to a plethora of indie music, extreme visuals and exclusive video—users can also dig deeper into the action by viewing each contestant’s audition, which was shot before they appeared in the competition.  

The Adrenaline Project was produced in association with YTV (Canada) and 4Kids/Fox (U.S.). The series also airs on Cartoon Network Latin America, M-Net, Solimac & SDN BHD. Distribution and sales handled by DHX Media.


  • Category:  Kids & Family
  • Sub Category Tag:  Live action, competition
  • Target Audience:  8-14
  • Status:  Completed
  • Episodes: 39 x 30
  • Website: (Games, bonus video)
  • Partners: YTV, 4Kids, DHX Media

The first television series and website in American Sign Language!

One day, while goofing around in a museum rocket display, our hero Max, somehow managed to launch himself into space. After a giddy ride, he crashed into the home of Kendra, a Deaf teenager, and inhabitant of Deaf Planet. Max is at first confused by the sign language used on the planet, but is helped by his ship’s Wondrous, Indispensable Language MAchine (WILMA), a robot capable of interpreting every language in the universe. Kendra promises to get Max home with the help of the many wise and eccentric inhabitants of Deaf Planet.

Each episode brings both deaf and hearing-enabled kids into a world of learning and discovery, and is as educational as it is entertaining. features include a wide array of interactive content to engage users such as ASL and LSQ video sign language glossaries as well as educational games and activities. Additionally, users can also watch their favorite episodes from the show. The website brings together four languages and features video, animation, and interactivity to make learning about science, math, or new languages fun for everyone. aired on TVO, ACCESS and SCN for two seasons. Television  and website produced by marblemedia in association with the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf (CCSD).  Distribution and sales handled by Distribution360.


  • Category:  Kids & Family
  • Sub Category Tag:  Live action
  • Target Audience:  8-12
  • Status:  Completed
  • Episodes: 20 x 6
  • Website:  (Interactive content in English and ASL, Online Games)
  • Partners:  TVO, ACCESS, SCN, CCSD, Distribution360