Royal Ransom

A 2 MOW family adventure comedy about becoming your best self. Home Alone crossed with The Princess Diaries, Royal Ransom, based on the book by award-winning author Eric Walters, follows the cross-continental friendship between British Royal, Victoria, her younger brother, Andrew, and their Native wilderness guide, Jamie. The trio must overcome their differences and work together to thwart the plans of a bumbling pair of would-be-kidnappers … not once but twice! The first MOW takes place on Jamie’s turf in the wilderness and the second MOW is set in the Royal kid’s bustling city of London.


  • Category:  Scripted
  • Sub Category:  Family Adventure/Comedy
  • Status:  In development. 2 MOV/8×30
  • Writers: Stephanie Kaliner, Richard Elliott, Emer Connon



Inspired by the novel by Edeet Ravel, Held is a tense, character-driven crime procedural that follows Primary Investigator, Stephanie Flemming, as she solves the kidnap and recovery of victims of abduction. This one-hour drama is a short order, repeating series with fragmented timelines, where one crime is solved over the course of the season.  Created and Written by Alison Lea Bingeman.  In developement.

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  • Category:  Scripted
  • Sub Category:  Serialized Drama
  • Status:  In development
  • Creative Talent:  Megan Follows, Alison Lea Bingeman


Alchemy, a new serialized drama created by award-winning producer and writer Karen Walton (Orphan Black), is a supernatural feast for the senses, wrapped in an unnerving and very human urban mystery that will leave contemporary genre fans revelling in spectacle, gasping at edge-of-your-seat action and begging for more.

In development with Showcase (Corus).


  • Category:  Scripted
  • Sub Category:  Serialized Drama
  • Status:  In development
  • Creative Talent: Karen Walton
  • Partners: Showcase (Corus)


The Otherkin

The Otherkin is an epic new drama created and written by James Hurst and Shelley Scarrow (Degrassi: The Next Generation) and co-produced with SEVEN24 Films (Heartland).  

A supernatural, secret, magical race called the Otherkin, live in small communities all over the globe, mainly shunning contact with their human neighbors. But now 14-year-old Ronan and three other Otherkin teenagers are about to try their hands at living in our modern world by going to high school among the humans – a rite of passage called The Time Away – where he will meet Lyla, a human.  From the first moment Ronan and Lyla see each other, there’s an immediate thunderbolt. True, world-stopping, heart-stopping forbidden love. Ronan and Lyla’s lives become even more dangerous when villian, Nash, returns to the community with plans to destroy both the Otherkin and humans alike.  In development.

  • Category:  Scripted
  • Sub Category Tag:  Episodic Drama
  • Status:  In development
  • Creative TalentJames Hurst, Shelley Scarrow
  • Partner Credits: SEVEN24 Films

Open Heart

Open Heart is a gripping mystery series, folded into a sprawling family saga, set against the high-stakes workplace and relationship drama of a hospital.

In the wake of her father’s disappearance, 16-year-old Dylan Blake falls in with the wrong crowd, gets arrested, and earns court-ordered community service volunteering at Open Heart Memorial, the hospital where her mother and sister are doctors, where her grandparents are board members and benefactors… and where her father was last seen the day he vanished.

Open Heart is executive produced by Linda Schuyler and Stephen Stohn, Ramona Barckert, Matt Hornburg and Mark Bishop, produced by Epitome Pictures and developed  in association with marblemedia, which also took the lead in producing a fully integrated interactive digital component to the series. Directors are Stefan Brogren and Samir Rahem. Writers include Ramona Barckert, Chris Pozzebon, Scott Oleszkowicz, Brendan Gall, Brendon Yorke and Barbara Haynes. Production Executives for Corus Entertainment – Jamie Piekarz and Chris Bell and for TeenNick, Kim Powers.

  • Category:  Kids & Family, Interactive
  • Sub Category:  Live action, drama, mobile content
  • Target Audience: Teens
  • Episodes: 12 x 22  
  • Starring: Karis Cameron, Justin Kelly, Cristine Prosperi, Tori Anderson, Dylan Everett
  • Mobile App:  Open Heart: Unlocked  (companion app & second screen experience for iOS and Android devices; Follow Dylan Blake’s investigation into her father’s disappearance by unlocking her phone. Get content before, during and after the show to help her piece together the mystery!)
  • Social Media Links:  Facebook; Twitter
  • Partners:  YTV, TeenNick, Epitome Pictures, DHX Media

The Art of Seduction

The Emmy-nominated Art of Seduction: Shorts in Motion is a multi-platform anthology of 10 original, two-minute short films written and directed by talented artists and comedians, each giving their own unique take on the timeless craft. Directed by notable filmmakers Mark McKinney, Guy Maddin, Isabella Rossellini and Denis Villeneuve, The Art of Seduction brings to life all these spellbinding, sizzling segments.

Created with the NFB as part of Shorts in Motion (SIM), The Art of Seduction featured a plethora of interactive content online, including the Seduction Style Quiz, the emergency relationship advice module, the always handy Seduction Assistance Guides, and customizable e-cards and text confessions to send to friends and view online.

Co-Produced by marblemedia and the National Film Board of Canada, in association with Bravo!FACT and the Sundance Channel. Distribution and sales handled by Distribution360.


  • Category:  Scripted
  • Sub Category Tag:  Film, Shorts
  • Target Audience: 18-49
  • Episodes: 10 x 2-3
  • Creative Talent: Directors include: Mark McKinney, Guy Maddin, Isabella Rossellini, Denis Villeneuve
  • Partners: NFB, Bravo!FACT, Sundance Channel, Distribution360

The Dating Guy

The Dating Guy is an adult animated comedy that follows four friends, Mark, Woody, Sam and VJ, in their weekly hunt for love… or at least some kind of happy ending.  From the ins and outs of dating a werewolf to the subtleties of seducing a virgin porn star, The Dating Guy takes us on a journey into the minefield of the twenty-something dating scene—that time in your life where school is done, work is whatever, and flying to the Philippines to procure a black market liver for your girlfriend’s dying brother is just an average Tuesday night.

The fun from the TV show is extended on the Gemini Award-winning—a dating advice website for dudes, complete with quizzes, games and enticing articles, and two original web series. The first series, The Morning After Show, is a weekly debrief by a live-action panel of dating experts discussing topics from the previous night’s television episode. The second series is hosted by Dr. Love, who dishes out her insights into the world of love and dating in a funny and informative way.

The Dating Guy was produced for TELETOON in Canada (English/French) and HDNET (U.S.). Co-produced by marblemedia and Entertainment One. Distribution and sales handled by Entertainment One.


  • Category:  Scripted
  • Sub Category:  Animation, Comedy
  • Target Audience: 18-34
  • Episodes: 26 x 30
  • Website:  (Two exclusive web series, quizzes, polls, games, customizable video, dating blog)
  • Partners: TELETOON at Night, Entertainment One


Burnt Toast

Burnt Toast is all about love, lust, passion, murder—oh to be in a relationship. Step into the twisted world of Burnt Toast, where the world’s greatest opera singers lend their heavenly voices to the often less-than-angelic actions of some of Canada’s top comedic performers in a series of mini-opera shorts. From the thrill of first attraction, to the final remains of a crumbling marriage, when this maniacal musical is finished, viewers will never look at a loaf of bread the same way again.

The interactive world of features the interactive soap opera, Black Coffee, comical e-cards, love poetry generators, downloadable mobile ringtones and more.  

Burnt Toast was produced in association with CBC (Canada), Channel 4, ZDF and ARTE. The television production was produced by marblemedia and Rhombus Media; website produced by marblemedia; mobile property produced by marblemedia with MyThum Interactive.


  • Category:  Scripted
  • Sub Category Tag:  Film, Shorts, Comedy
  • Target Audience: 25-55
  • Episodes: 8 x 6 or 1 x 60
  • Interactive: (Black coffee web game; mobile WAP-based games, ringtones, operagrams)
  • Partners:  Rhombus Media, MyThum Interactive, CBC, Channel 4, ZDF, Arte

The Odyssey

A remake of the hit show from the 90’s in which thirteen-year old Jay Milner wakes to find himself in a mysterious forested world.  But not for long; other confused kids stumble out of the trees too.  Almost a dozen in total – none older than fourteen. All together in Downworld – with no idea how they got here or even where ‘here’ is.  But wherever it is, it’s pretty cool …  a mysterious forest, an awesome hideout, a swimming pond.  An adventure all their own – even if Jay and the others struggle to work together, trust each other, and not fall victim to Mr. Mask. Whoever that is.  And find a way home.


Adaptation by Simon Racioppa and Richard Elliott (Fangbone, My Babysitter’s a Vampire) with marblemedia and Omnifilm Entertainment.  In development.


  • Category:  Scripted
  • Sub Category Tag:  Episodic Drama
  • Status:  In development
  • Creative Talent: Richard Elliott
  • Partners:  Omnifilm Entertainment


Toothpaste is a five-minute humorous “domestic opera” made for television, featuring Canadian comic Mark McKinney and opera soprano Barbara Hannigan. Toothpaste is a unique collaboration of both art and technology. Classic art forms such as filmmaking and opera are combined with innovative methods of storytelling., DVD and mobile devices applications extended the story with a game show and a virtual reality tour of the set.

Toothpaste was produced by marblemedia and Rhombus Media. Distribution and sales handled by Rhombus Media.


  • Category:  Scripted
  • Sub Category Tag:  Film, Shorts, Comedy
  • Target Audience: 18-49
  • Episodes: 1 x 5
  • Starring: Mark McKinney, Barbara Hannigan
  • Website: (Toothpaste game show, virtual tour, mobile applications)
  • Partners: Rhombus Media, BravoFACT