Top Talent: Anne-Marie Whithenshaw

marblemedia is pleased to be working with award-winning TV host, author and producer Anne-Marie Withenshaw on several yet-to-be-announced lifestyle projects for English and French-speaking markets.  A daily fixture on television and radio since 1998, Anne-Marie has hosted 10 seasons of hit food TV shows, co-produced 3 seasons of Chuck’s Day Off with celeb chef Chuck Hughes, written 5 best-selling restaurant guides and built a strong and loyal following across social media who follow her regular tips, tricks and recommendations.


Splatalot is a hilarious medieval-themed physical game show geared to the tween audience, featuring an extreme obstacle course with heaps and loads of splats and spills. Each episode features a different group of thrill-seeking teen contestants, dubbed Attackers, competing in three hilarious rounds: Cross the Moat, Escape the Stockade, and Capture the Crown. The Defenders of Splatalot, an international squad of medieval-themed gladiators, do their best to protect the castle from the Attackers – leaving only one to be crowned King or Queen of Splatalot.

The splat-stick comedy continues within an interactive online environment, where viewers can find out all about their favourite Defenders and Tour the Castle with a detailed look at each obstacle. In addition, a series of online Flash games allow players to take on the roles of both Attackers and Defenders, to run, jump, shoot, fire, splat, and of course, try to capture the Splatalot Crown. Viewers can also create shareable Highlight Reels with the Highlight Shaker, mixing up their choices of the best splats, comments and Defender taunts from the television series.

Sample Splatalot Successes:

  • Season 1 premiered in Canada with over 300,000 viewers, and adult co-viewing numbers at 49%.
  • Season 2 aired in primetime and ranked in the Top 5 for Women 18-49 co-viewing with Kids 2-11.
  • Splatalot games have had over 150 million game plays to date, and continue to generate up to 100k users per month online and in mobile game sessions.

The series airs in over 120 countries worldwide including YTV in Canada (English), TELETOON in Canada (French), the CBBC in the U.K., ABC3 in Australia and on Nickelodeon U.S., Disney and Disney XD. Distribution and sales handled by Distribution360.

Dubbed in 9 languages, localized versions of the series are available.

  • Category:  Kids & Family
  • Sub Category:  Live action, competition
  • Target Audience:  8-12
  • Episodes:  52 x 22
  • Website:
  • Mobile:  Splatalot Dash, Splatalot Attack (mobile game apps for iOS and Android devices)
  • Partners: YTV, Nickelodeon, CBBC, ABC3
  • Interactive: 10 Flash Games (including a multi-player competition game), Virtual Tour of the Castle, the Highlight Shaker, and Video Bios. Format Available.

What’s In a Name

What’s in a Name? takes viewers on a fun and exciting romp through history, telling the stories of the names we know best—from perfume to hockey teams, cars to wrestlers. Every episode begins with someone who needs to name something: a newly invented electric car, a mouthwatering chocolate bar, a baby about to be born.  Along the way, experts and celebrities offer advice.  Actor George Wendt (Norm from Cheers) gives tips on naming beer, astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield names a new space exploration robot, wrestling legends Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan weigh in on punchy names in the ring, and Randy Bachman gives a young band tips on finding a name that rocks.  We look at which names have worked throughout history, which haven’t, and why it matters.

The immersive website offers a cool dashboard of interactive elements including polls, quizzes and social media modules. The site also allows users to discover the meaning, popularity and origin of their own names, create and submit stories on names, and explore other users’ name stories. Experts from the TV series contribute to a name-themed blog giving users the opportunity to write in and have their questions answered. Viewers can also catch up on missed episodes and web-exclusive video.

What’s in a Name? was produced in association with History Television Canada. Distribution and sales handled by Distribution360.

  • Category:  Unscripted
  • Sub Category:  Factual entertainment
  • Target Audience: 25-55
  • Episodes: 13 x 30
  • Starring: Col. Chris Hadfield, George Wendt, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, Randy Bachman
  • Partners: History Television, Distribution360

A Pairing of Swans

A Pairing of Swans takes a behind-the-scenes look of one of history’s most elegant and famous dances—ballet.

A poetic homage to the two consummate Canadian artists of the international ballet scene, Evelyn Hart and Rex Harrington, who at the summit of their careers are joined by the riveting Brent Carver, and celebrated cellists, Shauna Rolston and Amanda Forsyth. Harpist Judy Loman plays in the two exquisite music compositions; The Dying Swan by Camille Saint-Saëns, and The Swan Sees His Reflection by Canadian composer, Malcolm Forsyth. The mirror-image solos reflect the classical and contemporary — in concept, camera-styles, dancing and choreography. Elegant, engaging and educational—A Pairing of Swans strives to leave viewers breathless.

Bonus Content:

Offering a wealth of resources to all — whether aficionados or students. Listen to the candid commentaries, and witness the process and drama behind the scenes, as stellar dancers, musicians, choreographer and camera-team, transform the works for the screen.

Produced by Veronica Tennant Productions in association with marblemedia.


  • Category:  Unscripted
  • Sub Category Tag: Film, Shorts
  • Episodes: 2 x 7
  • Creative Talent: Veronica Tennant
  • Interactive Bonus Content:  Behind-the-scenes footage, biographical information on artists and filmmakers
  • Partners: Veronica Tennant Productions, CBC, BravoFACT

Blown Away

Blown Away (12×30’; HD), a co-production with Netflix and Blue Ant Media, sees a group of talented and creative artisans from all over North America compete over the course of the series in the highly skilled art of glass blowing. In each episode the glass blowers create a beautiful works of art, which are assessed by a panel of expert judges. One artisan is eliminated each week until a winner is announced in the final episode. Blown Away is a co-production between Blue And Media and Netflix, which was created by and will be produced by marblemedia. Blown Away will be sold worldwide through our distribution arm, Distribution 360.

The series will premiere in Spring 2019.