Kids gameshow picked up in UK, Canada, Oz

Broadcasters in the UK, Canada and Australia are onboard a new physical gameshow that newly launched sales outfit Distribution360 has unveiled here in the Canadian Rockies.

One of the two Canadian prodcos that launched Distribution360 yesterday, Marblemedia will produce Splatalot, a medieval-themed physical gameshow aimed at eight- to 12-year-olds, for YTV in Canada, the BBC in the UK and ABC in Australia.

The 26-episode series features what Marblemedia described as Canada’s largest extreme obstacle course. The shows will be shot north of Toronto this summer, and delivered to broadcasters in spring 2011. International distribution of the Splatalot format will be handled by Distribution360, set up by Marblemedia and Seven24 Films.

Three versions of the format will initially be shot, with hosts from Canada, the UK and Australia, respectively. Each episode will feature a different group of 12 teen contestants, competing in three castle-based rounds, where they face six gladiators, in order to be crowned prince or princess of the castle.

“Splatalot is all about the hilarity of watching contestants get splattered, with the best spills instantly replayed in slow-motion. With oversized props, cool special effects and lively characters, it’s sure to be a highly-entertaining adventure,” said Matt Hornburg, the series co-creator and partner at Marblemedia.

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