Kids projects nab Bell Fund money

Of the 21 projects receiving production grants from the October 1 round of applications to the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund, half are aimed at the kids demo.

A total of 11 projects and their new media components with some focus on kids have received money from the funding body, including Sinking Ship’s Are We There Yet? World Adventure III for the CBC; Crash Canyon (currently in the works with Breakthrough Entertainment); Finding Stuff Out (Apartment 11 Productions and Smiley Guy Studios); and marblemedia’s Splatalot.

The Bell Fund also handed out development grants to 10 other projects, such as Endgame Interactive (Secret Location, Thunderbirds Films) for Canwest/Shaw; Gawayn Fantasyte (Muse Entertainment) for SRC; and (The Mix 3 Productions) for APTN, among others.

And eight organizations have landed professional development funding, including CMPA’s Primetime in Ottawa, the Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM) and the Whistler Film Festival.

Executive director Andra Sheffer announced last month that the Bell Fund would be accepting applications for the development fund on a monthly basis.

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