marblemedia’s Opie’s Home premieres as a part of TVO’s 2017 kids summer schedule

TORONTO, CANADA (June 22, 2017) – When you’re 4 and a half and three quarters, there are no friends like the ones next door.  There is no playground like your backyard, and no one quite like your family.  There’s no place like home.

Opie’s Home, now on TVO, is a new preschool comedy series about life, family and the wonderful place we call home.  The series invites viewers to follow the adventures of 4yo Opie as the viewers and Opie both head home from school for the summer.

From resisting bedtime, to making a special meal for Mommy and Daddy or getting into his first argument with his best friend, Opie’s Home celebrates the important relationships, milestones and day-to-day interactions that mark what it means to be a preschooler, full of all the funny moments and life lessons that preschoolers and parents can relate to. The series brings the lessons from the classroom home into Opie’s world.

Opie’s Home is a spin-off of the award-winning series, Hi Opie!, which follows Opie as he ventures to kindergarten for the first time.

Cast includes award-winning puppeteer Jordan Lockhart as Opie, Aisha Alfa as Mom, Jim Annan as Dad, and Oscar-nominated actor Graham Greene as Opie’s much loved next door neighbour Mr. Kabashio.

“marblemedia is thrilled to bring Opie back to the viewers in a new and modern setting, at home, with his diverse family, friends and neighbours,” says Mark Bishop, Co-CEO and Executive Producer. “Working with our team and close partners at TVOKids and the Jim Henson Company to bring Opie’s Home to life has been a pleasure.”

“TVOKids award-winning programs help set children up for early success not only in school but also in life and Opie’s Home provides strong role modeling for both kids and parents,” says Marney Malabar, TVO Director of Kids TV. “TVO is delighted preschoolers can continue to learn along with their familiar and trusted friend, Opie as well as his entire family in Opie’s Home.”

A TVOKids Original, Opie’s Home was created and produced by Toronto-based marblemedia in association with TVO Kids and The Jim Henson Company.  The series will premiere later this fall across Canada on Knowledge Kids and City TV Saskatchewan.

Now available for Canadian audiences at, Opie’s Home interactive digital media experience, invites preschoolers to Opie’s place for their own one-on-one play date! Created by marblemedia’s interactive team, the experience comes to life on mobile devices and desktop computer browsers through a suite of three games and a choose-your-own adventure style play story. Faithful to the world presented on TV, activities combine simple, fun, funny playtime with Opie and curriculum lessons to complete a rich, thoughtful media experience designed specifically for preschoolers.

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