Next Gen Int’l TV: First class Meet the 20 under-35s who are redefining the world of international television

Bishop recalls catching the Canadian industry completely off-guard with early content to bridge the TV, online and mobile platforms.

It was 2001 and he and marblemedia co-founder Matt Hornburg showed domestic broadcasters an HDTV short film on a mobile screen. “People laughed (and said) ‘No one will watch a film on a cell phone,’ ” he recalls. Still, some broadcasters became early adopters and in 2002, TV Ontario acquired marblemedia’s “,” a kids TV series and Web site in American Sign Language. Today, marblemedia spearheads Canadian cross-platform content with projects like the tween reality series “The Adrenaline Project,” and a Web-only show dubbed “The Morning After Show.” So, what does the future hold for Bishop and marblemedia? “We will redefine what being a broadcaster really means,” he says. And that’s no laughing matter.

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