Just Like Mom and Dad Mobile

If left alone in an ice cream parlor, would your sister pig out on Rocky Road, Strawberry Cheesecake or Mint Chocolate Chip? If your dad won a million dollars would he take travel to outer space, go on a jungle safari or buy a new bathing suit and relax on a tropical island?

The Just Like Mom and Dad Game is a ‘game show in your pocket’ that allows family members to challenge each other in hilarious and highly personal ways.

Secure and made for players of all ages, the game awards Prize Wheel spins to families who interact and know each other well! It bridges distances between family members with fun, simple challenges and personalized avatars.

Each member of families playing the game will build their relationships by matching answers to challenge questions that test their knowledge of intimate and ridiculous family-friendly details of their lives. Playing, learning and laughing together have never been this easy or this much fun.

Extending the popular TV show this game:

  • Allows teams as big as your whole family (including uncles, aunts, nephews and grandparents) to play, challenge each other and win together!
  • Players build and edit their own in-game character!
  • Awards players who match answers with prize wheel spins!

Contains hundreds of questions!