Just Like Mom and Dad

Shot before a live studio audience, Just Like Mom and Dad is a hilarious and fun-filled game show that celebrates and rewards families for how well they know each other.  Each episode features three teams of parent-kid pairs that are all trying to accumulate the most points after three rounds of family fun.

The first two rounds include asking and answering personal questions that puts the family dynamic to the test. A third round features the infamous “Bake Off” and “Taste Test” where the kids whip up a dish (with some surprise ingredients!) they hope their parents will love. The parents must taste these culinary creations and guess which dish was prepared by their child.  At the end of all three rounds, the team that has earned the most points gets to spin the Just Like Mom and Dad Prize Wheel!

Just Like Mom and Dad celebrates modern, diverse families and proves how much fun families can have together!

With new twists and surprise questions, Just Like Mom and Dad will be your new family-time favourite.


Change copy to With new twists and surprise…family-time favourite. Watch on YesTV (Canada) and BYUtv (USA).  Just Like Mom and Dad is now airing on family channel.  Check you local listings for tune-in details.


Just Like Mom and Dad is also now part of  Family Channel’s Fall Lineup airing weekdays at 6:30 pm!


Just Like Mom and Dad is produced by marblemedia in association with YES TV (Canada), BYU Broadcasting (US) and Omnicom’s Highway Entertainment along with the financial participation of the Shaw Rocket Fund and the Bell Fund.  The series is based on the format “Just Like Mom” from Bell Media Inc.