Splatalot Gets Played a Lot; Interactive Title Green Lit for Second Season

Toronto-based interactive media developer marblemeda says its online game site Splatalot has seen games played more than 33 million times since its launch just last year.


It’s the highest performing digital media property in the company’s history. The companion site for hit kids’ game show, Splatalot, offers a variety of interactive games that go hand-in-hand with the TV series.

Distribution360 handles sales of the interactive and television series, and by this summer, the series will be in over 200 countries, show producers say. The site, splatalot.com, is redirected in each country to the local broadcaster that has licensed the show.

“The incredible success of splatalot.com has allowed us to introduce our model of licensing to different broadcasters and, in doing so, create opportunities for games in different languages and for other programs,” said Matt Hornburg, Co-CEO and Executive Producer, marblemedia. “We look forward to leveraging this success through Season Two and see the expanded site garner even larger audiences and more international fans.”

Created in partnership with YTV in Canada, CBBC in the UK and ABC in Australia, the site’s games have received a staggering 16.3 million visits from over 8 million unique visitors since launching. Splatalot’s most popular online game, Capture the Crown, currently has over 16 million plays alone showing no sign of slowing down.

Responding to the astounding demand, marblemedia has expanded production for Season Two, creating exciting and innovative ways for fans to interact with the show. Funding partners include the Canada Media Fund, Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund and the Shaw Rocket Fund.

In production now to launch this fall, the site will receive many updates. In addition, the updated site will be available for use in French for the first time this fall, with TÉLÉTOON (French Canada).

One of the major features of the new Splatalot interactive will be the updated version of one of the most popular games on the Season One website. Defender, averaging over 300,000 plays per month, will upgrade to Defender Xtreme, where kids will be able to compete head-to-head in a splatathon against their friends.

marblemedia will be attending and speaking at the 2012 INplay conference this week in Toronto, showcasing the best of interactive kids media from around the world. marblemedia was named Company of the Year by the Canadian New Media Awards and was recognized by the Hollywood Reporter as a Next Generation Content Producer.

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