Taste Buds is Back for a Sizzling Second Season

Matt, Lily and Avery are back and cooking up a storm as marblemedia announced today that principle photography has begun on a scrumptious second season of Taste Buds. Created by marblemedia partners Mark Bishop and Matt Hornburg and produced in association with TVO, Season Two debuts this fall in the TVO after-school block in addition to Knowledge Network, Access Alberta and SCN.

Season Two mixes heaps of laughs and spoonfuls of fun with more special guest chefs, yummy recipes and the return of the three flavourful hosts, Matt, Lily and Avery. New for this season are the dynamic Taste Buddies – socialite Jasmine, sports-crazed Tyler and science enthusiast Penny. This trio connects with the hosts and exchanges fun food facts and ideas through video chats and status updates.

“We want to send a positive message to kids about healthy eating and kitchen safety while inspiring them to discover new foods and help in the cooking process. Ultimately we want to encourage kids to become food explorers and show them that creating meals can be a fun adventure,” said Mark Bishop, Executive Producer and Partner of marblemedia.

“Taste Buds is the perfect blend of fun mixed with a cup full of learning,” said Patricia Ellingson, Creative Head of Children’s Media, Content & Programming for TVO. “It’s about teaching kids how to make meals that don’t just come out of the freezer. But what I really love about Taste Buds is that it encourages kids and parents to get together in the kitchen, explore their curiosity and have some fun. Now there’s a recipe for a healthy meal.”

Taste Buds will inspire kids aged 7 to 10 by focusing on a specific theme in each half hour. Episode titles include, Foods that Ooze, Foods that Make You Pucker and Foods for Your Brain. The 13 episodes will be shot in high definition (16 x 9) at various locations around Ontario and will continue production through June.

For fans who want to savour the show anytime, TasteBudsTV.com continues the food adventures online with complete “how to” cooking methods, delectable recipes and gripping games. The Cookbooker feature allows parents and kids to personalize their very own recipe book with recipes from the show and family favourites. Full episodes will also launch online the same day as they air. These webisodes will contain enhanced features not seen on the TV show, such as interactive pop ups, special cooking tips and fun food facts.

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