breaks language barrier

marblemedia has expanded its Web portal, produced in collaboration with the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf, which sees the amount of content on the site triple, and the number of languages double.

Originally available in both English and American Sign Language, the site has now expanded to make the site’s educational and entertainment content available in French as well as Langue des Signes Québécoises.

In addition to the original content, featuring Max, Kendra, and WILMA’s adventures on Deaf Planet, this new content is integrated into exciting animated environments that use the latest Flash web design technology to allow audiences to play trivia games and participate in educational activities while learning about deaf culture.

marblemedia has organized these resources into five channels on the site — Deaf TV International, Animal Planet, Jaw Drop TV, The Upstairs Room, and The Game with No Name. Calling the new section of channels Earth Buzz, it parallels the educational adventures on the original site and features a new group of deaf actors who bring the digitized content to life. By clicking over to the French component of the site, Earth Buzz is available as Site Ici la Terre. Along with this, all the channels are available in French and LSQ as the Télé-Sourd International, Animal Express, Télé Bouche-Bée, Le Grenier, and Le Jeu Sans Nom.

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