Best In Miniature

With over 2million views on TikTok alone, #miniatures is a window into a tiny world with a HUGE following. Best in Miniature is an exciting new reality competition series that taps into this exploding trend. Comedian and actor Aba Amuquandoh (This Hour Has 22 Minutes), welcomes 12 of the world’s best miniature artists to compete in a series of challenges that will put their skill, drive and technique to the test, as they build a miniature dream home, one room at a time. The series follows the stories of inspiring and skilled miniature artists as they show off their passion for designing and constructing intricate miniature homes in wildly diverse styles and aesthetics.
The work of the miniaturist is to fool the eye, by creating objects and spaces that make one wonder if it’s real or only one-twelfth the size. Each week, the miniature artisans will face two challenges that test their illusion skills, as they must scale down life-sized objects to miniature proportions. With their objects, they’ll design full rooms, and no detail will be incomplete. The miniaturist’s work will be scrutinized by two exacting judges, UK miniature expert Emma Waddell and esteemed designer Micheal Lambie.
While the objects may be small, the stakes are huge! Each episode, one miniaturist will be declared the Big Winner while the one who doesn’t measure up, will have to leave the competition. Week after week, the remaining miniaturists will continue to battle it out to stay in the game until only three remain. In an epic 3-way final battle, only One can be crowned… Best in Miniature!


Episodes: 10 X 60’
Category: Unscripted Entertainment
Sub Category: Reality Competition
Year: 2021
Partners: CBC, Discovery UK