Driving Me Crazy Interactive

Get crazy behind the wheel in Driving Me Crazy, an awesome collection of fast-paced, driving-themed micro-game challenges. Figure  these crazy, speed-filled, driving micro-game challenges out fast to win and collect trunk loads of new games and power up rewards.

• Awesome micro-game collections
• Unlimited challenges
• Use your phone camera to bring you and your friends into the game
• Collect new games and power ups by earning coins and popping trunks
• 2 modes of play – Normal and Mega Challenge mode with bigger, more daring game challenges
• Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare and Legendary rewards
• Level up your game to improve rewards and change up your gameplay
• Difficulty scales based on your play style

Currently available in beta in the Canadian market App Store and Google Play.  Will rollout globally Spring 2017.

  • Category:  Interactive
  • Sub Category:  Action, casual games, mobile games
  • Driving Me Crazy Mobile Game:  (Canada only – global release Spring 2017) ; App Store , Google Play
  • Social Media Links: Facebook, Twitter , Instagram, Snapchat: DrivingMeCrzy
  • Partners: YTV