Captain Cornelius’s Cartoon Lagoon

When Captain Cornelius Cartoon was a wee lad, he heard the legend of the Toontanic: a cargo ship that hit a reef and scattered a treasure trove of cartoons at the bottom of Cartoon Lagoon. Ever since, Captain Cornelius has been obsessed with finding these long lost toons.

Today, you can follow the crazy, underwater adventures and close quarters high-jinks of Captain Cornelius, Chief Engineer Axel McGee, Third Mate Wet Willie Jones and Franky Planky the hardwood Chef as they scour the depths of the ocean in their cartoon-retrieving submarine, the Manta Ray, digging up rare cartoon booty.

Captain Cornelius’s Cartoon Lagoon is a hilarious 26 x 22’ puppet/animation hybrid variety, featuring 4-5 animated shorts per episode, wrapped within a bigger comedic adventure story involving the captain and the crew.  It’s a wacky throw-back to the era of Saturday morning cartoons, filled with laughs, groans and cartoon treasure.


  • Category:  Kids & Family
  • Sub Category:  Live action puppet/ animation hybrid
  • Target Audience:  6-9
  • Status:  In Development
  • Episodes:  26 x 22
  • PartnersAtomic Cartoons, TELETOON