Open Heart Interactive

TV’s Open Heart (Teen Nick, YTV) tells the story of Dylan Blake, a rebellious teenage daughter secretly investigating the mysterious disappearance of her father.  The Open Heart: Unlocked app gives fans the inside track on Dylan’s ongoing investigation and her personal life.  When viewers see Dylan take pictures, capture video, collect clues and receive messages on TV, the Open Heart: Unlocked app delivers them to their mobiles instantly, giving them an exclusive viewpoint of what’s really going on in the Open Heart world 24 hours, 7 days a week.  No TV story has ever been told quite like this before!

Beyond enhancing the story, Open Heart and Open Heart: Unlocked were supported by a social media strategy that used social media hangouts, live tweeting by cast members, and continuous content stream to Facebook and Instagram – including a behind the scenes video series called “The Doctor’s Office” where producer/director Stefan Brogen would recap episodes each week after the show.

Open Heart’s ground-breaking, integrated cross-platform experience harnessed the power of mobile technologies to create an immediate, intimate and rewarding next gen story.