Opie’s Home

A delightful spin-off series to the hit preschool series Hi Opie!, Opie’s Home explores the fun of family life from a preschool point of view, following 4-year-old Opie as he plays, explores and discovers new things in and around his home.  Episodes feature Opie’s day-to-day Interactions at home reading and playing with his neighbours, as well as his family routine before and after school.

Giving preschoolers a look at Opie’s world beyond the classroom (Hi Opie!), in Opie’s Home, Opie brings home what he has learned in school and applies it in his home life, helping kids to be successful both inside and outside the classroom.  And have a lot of fun and laughs along the way.

Produced in association with The Jim Henson Company and TVO, other partners include Knowledge and CITY Saskatchewan.


  • Category:  Kids & Family
  • Sub Category:  Live action, puppet, preschool
  • Target Audience:  2-6
  • Partners: TVO, Knowledge Kids, City Saskatchewan, The Jim Henson Company
  • Interactive: Versionable Interactive Web Content – Online games available at TVOkids.com/preschool/opie