Hi Opie! Interactive


Hi Opie! is a television and interactive property helping preschoolers prepare for their first classroom experiences, following along with Opie’s adventures as he navigates his way through the struggles and successes of going to school for the first time. The brand balances curriculum and relatable stories to create a unique and vital guide to this stage in a preschooler’s life.  

On TV, Opie interacts with live-action classmates and teachers. Online, Opie interacts with preschooler users as a friend and partner in play-learning and discovery.

Hi Opie! interaction digital media options include:


  • Exclusive website versions designed for partner broadcastersVirtual classroom and playground environments for preschoolers to explore & learn
  • Play-oriented games and activities, interactive play stories “The Scavenger Hunt” and “Opie Gets the Job Done”
  • Music, creativity and media literacy centres

Opie’s Playground

  • Mobile educational game app for preschoolers available for  iOS and Android devices

In addition to kindergarten preparedness, other lessons , emotional and developmental skills fostered in Hi Opie! digital products include:  Puzzle Solving, Discovery, Shape Recognition, Exploration, Imagination, Cognitive Development, Creativity, Science, Building, Collecting, Motor Skills Development, Responsibility,  Problem Solving, Making Friends, Self-Expression, Enjoying their world.