Race Against The Tide

Race Against the Tide brings 10 world class sand sculpting teams to shores of the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick to compete in the ultimate outdoor art tournament. They’ll dig, pound, carve and sculpt to create extraordinary works of art – entirely made from sand! But here they must battle each other and Mother Nature. Each week, the artists will have just six hours to “pound up” and creatively sculpt around ten tons of sand, before the highest tides in the world rips these epic works of art back out to sea. Through the blood, sweat and sometimes tears, these talented teams of two bring each week’s unusual theme to life, in their mind-blowing, jaw dropping, seemingly impossible sand sculptures or risk being eliminated. In the end, only one team will reign supreme and walk away with the grand prize of $10,000…and the beach bragging rights of being crowned Race Against the Tide champions. Our expert judges, five-time World Champion Karen Fralich and Master Sculptor Bruce Phillips will decide which teams live to carve another day, and take on the unstoppable tide. Hosted by legendary Canadian comic, Shaun Majumder, this ten-episode competition series dives into the fascinating world of professional sand sculpting, and highlights the incredible artists who dedicate their lives to the most physically challenging art form on the planet. Get ready for all the dirty drama, because here, the stakes are high as the tides. It’s just sand and water, but gravity is the boss.


Episodes: 10 x 30’
Category: Unscripted Entertainment
Sub Category: Reality Competition
Year: 2021
Partners: CBC