Ride or Wrong


Hosted by Emily Agard, Ride or Wrong is an adrenaline-filled series that gets your pulse pounding as teen contestants answer trivia questions while riding extreme amusement park rides.

Each episode centres on one unsuspecting teen contestant who has no idea that they are about to be on a quiz show.  Once the contestants are securely strapped in and the ride is twisting and turning at extreme speeds, our host poses a variety of trivia questions ranging from pop culture to science. Every correct answer earns our contestants points, which are added up at the end of each ride. Contestants must rely on their intelligence as well as their ability to focus under extreme conditions as they experience some of fastest and tallest rides the amusement park has to offer.


  • Category:  Kids & Family
  • Sub Category:  Live action
  • Target Audience:  8-12
  • Episodes:  42 x 3
  • Starring: Emily Agard
  • PartnersKids’ CBC