The Adrenaline Project

In The Adrenaline Project, thrill-seeking teens train and compete head-to-head as they are pushed to their limits both physically and mentally for a shot at glory (and prizes!).  Cameras are rigged up in the most outrageous and precarious positions to catch all the gruelling action as contestants push themselves through boot camps and challenges that test the skill, strength, speed and endurance they’ll need to complete in the each episode’s adrenaline-filled mystery event.  

As they wakeboard, zipline, riversurf, white water kayak or even bungee jump their way to the champion title, with teeth clenched and cameras following them every step of the way, we see the fears, the frustrations and the anticipation of our contestants as they struggle to conquer a challenge unlike anything they’ve experienced before. is home to a plethora of indie music, extreme visuals and exclusive video—users can also dig deeper into the action by viewing each contestant’s audition, which was shot before they appeared in the competition.  

The Adrenaline Project was produced in association with YTV (Canada) and 4Kids/Fox (U.S.). The series also airs on Cartoon Network Latin America, M-Net, Solimac & SDN BHD. Distribution and sales handled by DHX Media.


  • Category:  Kids & Family
  • Sub Category Tag:  Live action, competition
  • Target Audience:  8-14
  • Status:  Completed
  • Episodes: 39 x 30
  • Website: (Games, bonus video)
  • Partners: YTV, 4Kids, DHX Media