The Odyssey

A remake of the hit show from the 90’s in which thirteen-year old Jay Milner wakes to find himself in a mysterious forested world.  But not for long; other confused kids stumble out of the trees too.  Almost a dozen in total – none older than fourteen. All together in Downworld – with no idea how they got here or even where ‘here’ is.  But wherever it is, it’s pretty cool …  a mysterious forest, an awesome hideout, a swimming pond.  An adventure all their own – even if Jay and the others struggle to work together, trust each other, and not fall victim to Mr. Mask. Whoever that is.  And find a way home.


Adaptation by Simon Racioppa and Richard Elliott (Fangbone, My Babysitter’s a Vampire) with marblemedia and Omnifilm Entertainment.  In development.


  • Category:  Scripted
  • Sub Category Tag:  Episodic Drama
  • Status:  In development
  • Creative Talent: Richard Elliott
  • Partners:  Omnifilm Entertainment