The Otherkin

The Otherkin is an epic new drama created and written by James Hurst and Shelley Scarrow (Degrassi: The Next Generation) and co-produced with SEVEN24 Films (Heartland).  

A supernatural, secret, magical race called the Otherkin, live in small communities all over the globe, mainly shunning contact with their human neighbors. But now 14-year-old Ronan and three other Otherkin teenagers are about to try their hands at living in our modern world by going to high school among the humans – a rite of passage called The Time Away – where he will meet Lyla, a human.  From the first moment Ronan and Lyla see each other, there’s an immediate thunderbolt. True, world-stopping, heart-stopping forbidden love. Ronan and Lyla’s lives become even more dangerous when villian, Nash, returns to the community with plans to destroy both the Otherkin and humans alike.  In development.

  • Category:  Scripted
  • Sub Category Tag:  Episodic Drama
  • Status:  In development
  • Creative TalentJames Hurst, Shelley Scarrow
  • Partner Credits: SEVEN24 Films